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Since 1948

Union Pharmaceutique d’Orient is watching over your health.

We are distributors of multinational companies including pharmaceutical, parapharmaceutical and laboratory products from all over the world.
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Discover our wide range of world renowned products
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We partnered with the world most renowned suppliers to enhance the health care system in Lebanon. UPO provides the latest and most advanced drugs to satisfy the evolving patients' demands and improving their quality of life.
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Laboratory & Parapharmaceutical
As providers of the most advanced medical equipment, devices, supplies and services, UPO aims to help patients live in a healthier and safer environment. It provides its customers with innovative brands and healthcare products while offering the highest services to take care of patient health.
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We collaborate with expert dermocosmetic laboratories by offering tailor-made care products to every skin type and condition with delightful and satisfying textures, unique combination of ingredients and innovative molecules in the dermatological field.


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latest news
SYNOLIS VA finally in Lebanon

Improvement of the joint function and fast reduction of pain are crucial to restore your mobility. With Synolis VA, a unique combination of Hyaluronic Acid and Sorbitol, the patient will have an improvement of the mobility, less co-medication and better quality of life.

With its unique Visco-Antalgy concept Synolis VA enable the restoration of joint function and fast pain relief that are crucial to recover your mobility.

There effects are perceived the days following the treatment.

latest news
Abbott Diabetes Care: FreeStyle Libre

Discover the one and only experience center for FreeStyle Libre in Lebanon .
The center is located in UPO ( Exclusive agent) and it’s designed to welcome patients of all ages .
Whether you seek further information on our product or need any help while using it, our friendly trained team is always ready to assist you.
We provide a complete personalized training along with a customer service that will walk you through the solution of the slightest problem faced.



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